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Turkey Path

Let’s talk turkey, the Turkey Path trail. Located about 30 miles east of the PA Lumber Museum, the Turkey Path is a popular trail that goes down into the Pine Creek Gorge. The trail can be started at either Leonard Harrison State Park or Colton Point State Park, two parks that are on opposite sides of the Pine Creek Gorge. The path reportedly started life as a mule drag to haul lumber down the gorge to the creek. This 2.5 mile trail is often listed as two separate trails and the signage refers to them as “down and back” trails. This is because there is no bridge for the trail to cross Pine Creek at the bottom of the gorge. If you don’t mind getting your feet wet (and maybe a little more than your feet depending on the water level), the creek can be forded.

Leonard Harrison State Park Side

The Leonard Harrison side of the Turkey Path starts at the overlook for the PA Grand Canyon (Pine Creek Gorge). The trailhead is not far from the main parking lot, right past the main entrance building. This building has seasonally opened flush restrooms and a gift shop as well as some vending machines outside. The trail is a mile down to the bottom of the gorge where it meets up with the Pine Creek Rail Trail. Along the path down the trail follows the Little Four Mile Run and features waterfall views and overlooks.

Colton Point State Park Side

The trailhead of the Turkey Path on the Colton Point side is also easily accessed from the main loop road in the park, near a parking area. Fair warning, unlike Leonard Harrison, Colton Point has primitive facilities. There are only a couple of pit lateens available for use. One the plus side Colton Point tends to have lower visitor traffic than Leonard Harrison, providing for a more secluded experience. This side of the trail is a 1.5 mile hike and at times follows Four Mile Run.

If you plan on hiking the Turkey Path, be prepared. The trails can be steep and are rated “Difficult”. Wear proper footwear and bring water along. Due to safety concerns the Turkey Path is closed in the winter months from the Wednesday before November until the second Friday in April. (So a November post might not be the best time to be telling you all about the trail but we are working with a “turkey” theme here.) Please check the websites for Leonard Harrison or Colton Point for any updates on the trail.

Leonard Harrison State Park:

Colton Point State Park: