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CCC Camp S-146 Bark Shanty

Civilian Conservation Corps Camp S-146 was located on Bark Shanty road, just north of Austin, PA in Potter County. The CCC, like the US Army, which provided it’s operational leadership, was a segregated organization. Participation of African-Americans in the CCC was not based solely on need but was limited to their percentage of the population (around 10 percent). Approximately 250,000 African-Americans served in the CCC nation wide out of the 2,5000,000 total enlistment for the organization. Pennsylvania had 12 camps that were designated as “colored” camps. The first of which was ANF-5 Sugar Run, which opened on April 24, 1933 in Allegheny National Forest. Camp S-146 was opened in 1935 and was manned by Company 2336-C (the “C” stood for colored). The men of Co. 2336 worked to construct roads and fire trails, fought forest fires and helped combat Blister Rust among other tasks. When a major flood hit the area in 1936 Co. 2336 was one of many CCC companies that provided relief and clean up services. Company 2336-C remained at camp S-146 until the camp closed in 1941, at which time it was one of 6 African-American Camps left in the state. All remaining CCC camps would close with the end of the program in January 1942.

African- American CCC Camps were staffed almost entirely by White Army Officers. One of S-146’s Commanding Officers was Captain (later Colonel)James D. Campbell. Captain Campbell commanded several CCC camps in Pennsylvania and was the CO of S-16 from May 7, 1939 to August 6, 1940. These photos were donated by Col. Campbell and date from his time in command.