PALMA membership supports the Museum’s mission by providing funding for publicity, support staff, and special projects. Associates often volunteer at the Lumber Museum, lending experience, time, and enthusiasm to the Lumber Museum.

As the Lumber Museum’s fundraising arm, the associates have supported a  wide range of projects, including:

  • Construction of two log cars for the camp
  • Restoration of the Barnhart Log Loader
  • Implementation and financing of numerous sawmill demonstrations
  • Educational programming
  • Relocation and preservation of the 1936 CCC chestnut cabin
  • Acquisition and restoration of the 1945 Brookville Switch Engine
  • Purchase of a 1917 Ford Model T Runabout
  • Operation and management of the Gift Shop
  • Construction of the Birch Still
  • A supporting gift of $50,000 for the 2015 Visitor’s Center expansion/renovation project
  • Restoration of the 1917 Ford Model T for inclusion in the Challenges & Choices exhibition
  • Repair/stabilization of the Shay Locomotive

The benefits of membership are free admission to the Lumber Museum and  PALMA’s events – including Bark Peelers’ Festival- a 10% discount in the Lumber Museum Gift Shop, a newsletter to keep you up to speed, and an invitation to the annual meeting. 

PALMA Membership Form- Revised Feb 2019

Membership Types

Robert F. Miller, President of PALMA with the 2018 Woodhick Champions

Board of Directors (2019)

Robert Miller ….. President

Pete Folk ….. Vice President

Nancy Hetrick ….. Secretary

Robert Pickup, Sr. …..Treasurer

Roger Hetrick

Sam Cooke

Curt Weinhold

Michael Callahan

Steve Perrine

Ken Wingo

Cliff Wood

Steve Manginell

Paul Lilja

John Halter

Edward Szymanik

Associate Staff

  • Anna Wales……….Education & Outreach Coordinator
  • Lynn Thornley ….. Bookkeeper
  • Collene Flory………Gift Shop Attendant (Sunday)
  • Barbara Peters ……Gift Shop Attendant

Associate Committees

  • Annual Meeting ….. Bob Miller 
  • Bark Peelers’ Convention ….. Bob Miller
  • Antique & Collectible Shows ….. Pete Folk
  • Youth Field Day ….. Bob Miller/ Paul Lilja 
  • Events……. Anna Wales
  • Memberships ….. Collene Flory
  • Museum Shop ….. Barb Peters
  • Personnel….. Bob Miller
  • Woodchips ….. Anna Wales/ Roger & Nancy Hetrick