Historic Lumber Photos

Learn about Pennsyvania’s forest history by watching this 26 minute film from Penn State University. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4ohbPMvaxE

Or, check out this historic film of crews from the Central Pennsylvania Lumber Co. working in the woods near Sheffield, Warren County, PA in 1926. The amazing music is provided by friend of the museum, Van Wagner. A link to his web site accompanies the YouTube video.


Images of Masten, Pa Circa 1910’s. (Krout Collection LM2019.7)

Lumber Camp Photos (Newell Photo Collection LM2019.4)

Lumber Camp photos from the museum’s collection.

Bunting Lumber- Hulmeville, PA. John Bunting and his father, Fred, founded Bunting Lumber in the 1950’s and operated until the early 1970s. The business was staffed by the two Buntings and as many as a dozen other employees. The business was strictly a wholesale operation, selling lumber to pallet companies and construction businesses. It was all rough-cut, construction grade material. (LM2018.10)