Steam Saw Mill

The museum’s steam-powered circular sawmill will be in operation on both Saturday and Sunday. The mill is representative of a mid-size lumber operation located in Pennsylvania following the American Civil War, until about the turn of the 20th century.

Thank you to our sawyer, Dan Davis, and the rest of the sawmill crew!

Dan Davis has run the sawmill at the PA Lumber Museum for over 20 years. He was a good friend of museum volunteer Lester Jordan (who passed in 2015); Lester was instrumental in restoring the site’s Barnhart log loader, Brookville engine and Model T truck exhibits. The Frick head-saw works here at the museum requires a great deal of specialized knowledge and skill to operate, and the museum is extremely grateful to Dan and the rest of the crew for their dedication to preserving and interpreting lumber history!

Thank you to the Greenman family for operating the steam equipment in the sawmill!

Bob Greenman has volunteered at the PA Lumber Museum for over 30 years. His sons Nathaniel, Russ and Kenton joined their father in volunteering in the 1990s, and subsequent generations of the family have become part of the tradition ever since. Even though some members of the family now live more than six hours from the site, they are faithfully present every April, July and October to run, demonstrate and maintain the mill equipment. The museum is indebted to their kindness and dedication, and without them the sawmill would not be the vibrant and active place it is today!