Greased Pole Contest


Saturday, July 6, 2019 At 2:00 pm

  1. Contestant must be 16 years of age and up.
  2. Two contestants will sit facing each other astride an 13-foot polesuspended horizontally .


  1. The horizontal pole will be greased with lard or shortening.
  2. The contestants will try to knock one another off the pole with a pillow.
  3. A contestant making contact with an opponent with anything other

than the pillow will be disqualified.

  1. Any contact with the ground will mean a defeat.
  2. Pillows will be furnished by PALMA.
  3. Old clothing is suggested. Protective helmets are available
  4. At the time of the contest, participants will be required to sign a


  1. Elimination contest.
  2. Judges decisions are official and final.
  3. Prizes will be awarded: $25, 1st prize; $20, 2nd prize; $15, 3rd prize;

$10, 4th prize.

Points toward Grand Champion Barkpeeler

Any competitor winning 1st place three consecutive times may not

compete in this contest for 1 year.

Contest Chairman: Bill Simcox