Log Birling Clinic

Log Birling Clinic

at the

Pennsylvania Lumber Museum

Saturday June 23rd, 2018

Starting at 1 Pm


The sport of log birling pits two contestants against each other at opposite ends of a floating log. Contestants use their feet and stance to roll the log in the water to try and knock the other person off, while remaining in-place on the log themselves. It takes great balance and coordination to stay on-top of the log. Historically, lumbermen used these same skills to traverse masses of floating logs during log drives downriver or at log booms and sawmill holding ponds. If you are unfamiliar with birling, it’s both fun to do and fun to watch. The museum’s log birling contest at Bark Peelers’ Festival (July 8th, 2018) has the distinction of crowning Pennsylvania’s state birling champion. Hundreds of people turn-out to watch this amazing event every year.

If you’ve never tried birling before, hundreds of people watching you the first time you’re on the log may be too much pressure… So, we invite you to come to our pre-Bark Peelers’ Birling Clinic on Saturday June 23rd at 1 Pm to receive a more low-key introduction to the sport. PALMA members and veteran birling contest committee members Ed and Cora Thompson will be on-hand to teach you the basics of birling and share some tips and techniques that will hopefully provide you with the confidence and skill you need to come back and compete in the state birling championship on July 8th!

This clinic is intended for strong swimmers who are 12 years of age and older (participants under 18 must be accompanied by an adult, and all participants must complete and sign a Release of Liability). Please come dressed to get wet; sneakers or water shoes are recommended, but no caulks, cleats or spikes, please. And, don’t forget to bring a towel and a change of clothes!