Log Rolling Contest

Two-person, Timed competition

All contestents must be registered

This is an amateur competition. Contestants must be16 years of age or older. Two competitors, each using a peavey, will roll a 12’x 12” diameter log a distance of 60’ total. This is a timed competition.

Contestants roll the log a distance of 30 feet and strike two separated stakes with the log. The contestants then roll the log back to its original spot, again striking two separated stakes with the log. The course is laid out so that the stakes at each end are set apart from each other by one foot less than the length of the log.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Museum will provide two (2) peaveys w/ 51” long handles including socket and pike.
  2. Competition log will be 12’x, 12” in diameter.
  3. This is a timed event. Starting cadence will be 3-2-1-Go. Starting before “Go” will result in disqualification. The fastest time wins the competition.
  4. In the event of a tie, a “Roll-Off” will be scheduled. Competitors involved in a roll-off must compete with original partners.
  5. Judges decisions are official and final.

PRIZES: 1st Place Team, $50; 2nd Place Team, $30; 3rd Place Team, $10; 4th Place Team, $10. Points awarded toward Grand Champion Bark Peeler.

Any competitor winning 1st place 3 consecutive times may not compete in this contest for 1 year.