Voices of Pine Creek: hear Bob Webber in his own words

Bob Webber and his wife, Dotty, were inextricably tied to Pennsylvania’s forests. The museum has worked to relocate their cabin home to our site, and now we invite you to learn more about Bob Webber through a showing of Volumes I and II of the “Voices of Pine Creek: An Oral History.” These films feature interviews with Bob and other long-time Pine Creek Valley residents conducted in 2006 and 2009, and together run approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. Oral historians speak about encounters with bears and rattlesnakes, harvesting ice, learning in one room schools, the CCC, the importance of railroads, farms, and fishing, and more. Following the showing of these documentaries, program guests are invited to take a sneak-peak inside the Webber Cabin prior to the completion of planned exhibits. Learn what it was like to grow up and live along Pine Creek from its long-time residents on Saturday, September 22 at 1 PM. The Pennsylvania Lumber Museum is located at 5660 US Route 6 in Ulysses Township, PA.