PALMA Funded Projects

Over the years, PALMA has assisted the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum in many different ways. As the Museum’s fundraising arm, the group has been instrumental in completing a wide range of projects, including:

  • Construction of two log cars for the camp
  • Restoration of our Barnhart Log Loader
  • Implementation and financing of numerous sawmill demonstrations
  • Educational workshops
  • Relocation and preservation of the 1936 CCC chestnut cabin
  • Acquisition and restoration of our 1945 Brookville Switch Engine
  • Purchase of a 1917 Ford Model T Runabout
  • Operation and management of the Foreman’s Room Store (gift shop) in the Visitor’s Center
  • Construction of the site’s Birch Still


  • Promise of $50,000 for the current Visitor’s Center expansion/renovation project
  • Restoration of the 1917 Ford Model T for inclusion in the new introductory exhibition
  • Creation of a new Pennsylvania Lumber Museum Website
  • Repair/stabilization of the Shay Locomotive