Last Raft Documentary & Log Raft Races


The Pennsylvania Lumber Museum’s 3rd Sunday educational program series continues on August 20th, 2017, and is all-about log rafting. The museum has acquired a copy of the 2004 documentary film “The Last Raft: A Story of Courage & Tragedy on the Susquehanna” from the Muncy Historical Society & Museum of History. The film will be shown at 1 Pm, and afterward (weather permitting) we will be taking the program outdoors to build model log raft kits and race them down Commissioner Run on the museum grounds. Rafting was a vital means of transporting logs from the forest where they were harvested to the mills and shipyards where they would be processed. This program explores the history of this aspect of the Pennsylvania lumber industry, and encourages hands-on exploration of the subject through the engineering and construction of the models. Will your raft make it down Commissioner Run in one piece? How do lash-poles, bows and pins go together to create a raft? What’s the best, sturdiest raft shape and design? What was this several-week-long journey actually like for the lumbermen on the rafts? Please join us for this program to discover the answers.