Frog Jumping Contest

This is a Children’s Contest

Held at Kids’ Korner Pavilion

Sunday, July 7 , 2019  AT 11:00 AM


Area —

  1. Held on plywood raceway.
  2. Marked into lanes – 2’ wide.
  3. Before the start of the race, the frogs are kept in stalls at

the starting line.

Contestants —

  1. No older than 12 years of age.
  2. Must stay in their own lane.
  3. Cannot touch frogs or move them (except to return them

to their own lane) after contest begins.

  1. Cannot interfere with other contestants frogs.

Frogs or Toads —

  1. Contestants may enter frogs or toads. No size limit.
  2. Contestants can return a stray to its own lane at the spot

where it left the lane.

3.Bring Your own Frog or one will be provided

  1.  Frogs and toads are to be handled carefully!
  2. First entry crossing the finish line wins.

Judges decisions are official and final. Prizes will be