History Alive!

Richard Pawling presents History Alive! at Bark Peelers’ Festival. He is also the Master of Ceremony at the Frog Race and Burling Contest.

Richard N. Pawling is an entertainer, historian and former college professor who is the owner/operator of History Alive!- “a firm founded in 1991 that provides living history and heritage music programs and training workshops to parks, museums, colleges/universities, as well as civic, professional, and historical organizations throughout the United States and Canada.” Rich has been educating and entertaining audiences at the Bark Peelers’ Festival since 2004. While here, Rich becomes the character Jack Hains, an 1890’s Pennsylvania wood hick. Jack tells the story of Shays, Peaveys and Wood Hicks: Early Logging Days, explaining the pioneer, water transportation and railroad eras of the lumber industry. Listen in to his presentation to learn about log slides, splash dams, Barnharts, Shays, “cookees”, knot bumpers, peaveys, cant hooks and the “natural law of succession” of the forest. You will also see Rich helping out at other events during the festival, most notably as “the Frog Man” during the children’s Frog Jump Competition.

For more information please visit www.richpawling.com