Birling Contest

1. This is an amateur competition. Contestants must be 16
years of age or older.
2. This is an elimination contest.
3. Birling will be done with sneakers or bare feet only; No spikes.
4. Practice sessions supervised by a lifeguard will take place during the morning hours on Sunday.
5. Contestants will be required to sign a waiver upon registration.

6. Winning contestant becomes the Pennsylvania State

Prizes to be awarded: $40, 1st prize; $30, 2nd prize; $20, 3rd prize; $10, 4th prize. Points toward Grand Champion Barkpeeler.

I . The contestant must remain on his/her side of the log.
2. Contest log is 16’ in length; white pine.
3. The last person on log determines the winner. Judges’ decisions are official and final. Any competitor winning 1st place three consecutive times may not compete in the contest for 1 year.
Contest Chairpersons:  Ed Darrin