2018 Woodhicks

Congratulations to this year’s Winners!

The Grand Champion Woodhick

 2018 Bark Peelers’ Festival:

Ben Barner and Ben Greenman

The 2018 title of Grand Champion Woodhick was split between Ben Barner of Richfield, PA, and Ben Greenman of Delmar, NY. At the end of the weekend, Ben B. and Ben G. were tied in the total number of points they had accrued in the various woodhick skills contests. Being the good sports and long-standing competitors that they are, they decided to split the title and divvied up the accompanying hat, T-shirt and trophy. Here’s to both “Bens” and all of the other competitors; we hope you will return next year (July 6 & 7, 2019) to compete again!

The Bark Peelers’ Festival grease pole, log rolling, cross cut saw, and birling competitions are open to anyone 16 years of age and up. Along with a cash prizes for each event, points for placing are awarded as follows: 1st Place- 5 points, 2nd Place- 4 points, 3rd Place- 3 points, 4th Place- 2 points; each contestant gets 1 point for entering the contests. In the event of a tie in points, winners are determined by the earliest order of entry for each event.

Other Contest Winners:

Greased Pole Contest:

1st–          Ben Barner

2nd–         Ben Greenman

3rd–         Ethan Alderfer

4th–         Charles Stewart

Log Rolling Contest:

1st–          Ryan Greenman/ Adam Greenman

2nd–         Charles Stewart/ Ben Greenman

3rd–         Francis Williams/ Erin Oliver

4th–         Dennis Sutherlin/ John Sensinig

Cross Cut Saw Contest:

1st–          Jim Currin/ Ben Barner

2nd–         Nick Mazerbo/ “Vinny”

3rd–         John Currin/ Jennifer Currin

4th–         Ben Greenman/ Charles Stewart

Birling Contest:

1st–          Ben Greenman

2nd–         Ben Barner

3rd–         Brandon Zellers

4th–         Blade Conley

Apple Pie Baking Contest:

1st–          Pauline Simcox

2nd–         Kathy Garswell

3rd–         Kristen Wolfe

Kids Frog Jump Contest:

1st–          Tucker Eppler

2nd–         Abigail Barner

3rd–         Mikaila Ganoe