Bark Peelers’ Festival 2016- Champion Barkpeeler

Congratulations to this year’s Winner-

Grand Champion Barkpeeler

of the 2016 Bark Peelers’ Festival:

Ben Barner


This year’s winner was Ben Barner of Richfield, PA. Ben took 1st place in the greased pole competition and performed well in the other three events. It came down to seconds in the finishing times for the cross cut saw competition, but Ben narrowly edged-out last year’s Grand Champion (Ryan Greenman) for the win. The grease pole, log rolling, cross cut saw, and birling competitions are open to anyone 16 years of age and up. Along with a cash prize for placing in each event, points for placing are awarded as follows: 1st Place- 5 points, 2nd Place- 4 points, 3rd Place- 3 points, 4th Place- 2 points; each contestant gets 1 point for entering the contests. In the event of a tie in points, winners are determined by who registered the earliest for each event.


Ben Barner has competed in the Bark Peelers’ Festival contests for several years in a row, and has historically dominated the greased pole event. Ben’s family was there to cheer him on, and his wife, Nikki, was his partner not only in life but also in the cross cut saw contest. Congratulations to Ben and to all of our competitors, and keep practicing for next year.

Pictures from this year’s event:


Hammer Time




Tractor Rides

On the Water


Fun on the Pole

Log to Boards

Sawing slab

Frog man