Bark Peelers’ Festival 2017- Champion Barkpeeler

Congratulations to this year’s Winner!

the Grand Champion Barkpeeler

of the 2017 Bark Peelers’ Festival:

Ethan Alderfer

PALMA President Robert F. Miller (Right) awards Ethan Adlerfer the Grand Champion Bark Peeler trophy, hat and T-shirt at the end of Bark Peelers’ Festival, July 2nd, 2017.

This year’s winner was Ethan Alderfer, age 24, of Millerstown, PA. Ethan took 1st place in the greased pole and log rolling competitions, finished 4th in the cross cut saw, and gave it his all in the birling competition. Ethan finished 6 points ahead of the next closest competitor, last year’s champion Ben Barner. Ben and Ethan are friends, and Ben (who had to sit-out of the greased pole contest this year after three-consecutive victories) jokingly claimed that he taught Ethan everything he knows. Here’s to Ethan and Ben, and all of the other competitors: we hope you-all will return next year (July 7 & 8, 2018) to compete again!

The grease pole, log rolling, cross cut saw, and birling competitions are open to anyone 16 years of age and up. Along with a cash prizes for each event, points for placing are awarded as follows: 1st Place- 5 points, 2nd Place- 4 points, 3rd Place- 3 points, 4th Place- 2 points; each contestant gets 1 point for entering the contests. In the event of a tie in points, winners are determined by the earliest order of entry for each event.

Other Contest Winners:

Greased Pole Contest:

1st–          Ethan Alderfer

2nd–         Devin Carlson-Swank

3rd–         Morgan Swartz

4th–         Ben Greenman

Log Rolling Contest:

1st–          Ethan Alderfer/ Ben Barner

2nd–         Ben Greenman/ Russ Greenman

3rd–         Devin Carlson-Swank/ Josiah Micah Cash

4th–         Ryan Greenman/ Adam Greenman

Cross Cut Saw Contest:

1st–          John Currin/ Brock Hathaway

2nd–         B. Barley/ Anissa Barley

3rd–         Ryan Greenman/ Adam Greenman

4th–         Ethan Alderfer/ Ben Barner

Birling Contest:

1st–          Ryan Greenman

2nd–         Ben Greenman

3rd–         Jacob Milliron

4th–         Julie Morgan

Apple Pie Baking Contest:

1st–          Lisa Dennis

2nd–         Dina Buck

3rd–         Beverly Flennon

Kids Frog Jump Contest:

1st–          Carson Putman

2nd–         Jake Haney

3rd–         Megan Newruck


Pictures from this year’s event: